"This habit of keeping the songs grounded in the lyrical language of scripture (and the rhythms of the lectionary calendar), using multiple texts to comment back and forth on each other, became a songwriting principle."

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Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs

Alive Again

Why do you look for the Living among the dead

Come To Me

Behold my child, my chosen beloved, the pleasure of My soul

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Deliver Us

O deliver us, O deliver us...we are only dust


If anyone comes thirsty to me and he keeps coming to drink

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Forgiveness Prayer

Father, forgive me... In Your grace, in Your compassion


Jesus told us when he walked that He would be delivered


A small bit of leaven is like the Kingdom of Heaven

I Will Give Thanks

I will give thanks to you forever, I will bring praises with the saints

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I Will Rise Up

I wait patiently for you, Lord. You are all I am longing for

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We were saved, delivered from the darkness

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Light the Way

You have explained the Father, Jesus / Fully unfolding all His ways

Like a Spring Rain

Come let us return to the Lord / Come sinners, heal the places sin has torn

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Love The Lord Your God

Love the Lord your God with all your heart...mind...strength...soul

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Maker of All

One God, the Father Almighty / Maker of Heaven and Earth

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O Most High

It is good to sing your praises, to give thanks to you, Most High

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Out of the Deep

Out of the deep I call unto Thee, O Lord


Whatever is good and lovely, whatever is pure and true

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Raise a Song

Raise a song of praise to the Lord, left Him up with reverence and joy

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O the righteous will shine bright as the sun in the Kingdom

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The Cup of My Salvation

I shall lift up the cup of my salvation

The Spirit of Life and Peace

May the spirit who raised Jesus up from the dead dwell in you

With Us In Jesus

Jesus You are wonderful, Counselor, Wonderful

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