Adonai Almighty (Let The Door)

Chad Sundin

Verse 1
Let the door… Let the door of heaven
Let the door of heaven stand open
Down before…Down before the One
Down before the One On The Throne

Lightning falls, thunder rises
Living creatures always say

Chorus 1
“Holy, Holy, Holy Adonai Almighty
You are worthy to have honor, pow’r and glory
Holy, Holy, Holy Adonai”

Verse 2
Let the voice…Let the voice sound over
Let the voice sound over creation:
“Who alone…Who alone can open
Who alone can open the scroll?”

Let Him stand, the only worthy
Lamb of God for sinners, slain

Chorus 2
You are worthy for Your holy blood was ransom
For a people out of every tribe and tongue
You are worthy for Your holy blood

May Your people see a vision
May Your vision come alive
May it drown out all division
Throw all differences aside
A Kingdom of priests serving God on high

© EarReverent Music 2001